Rike Michaelsen & Andrea Mönch
A graphic design team based in Munich.


Posing the famous question from Fischli & Weiss “Will happiness find me?“ we’d say “Yes it finds us when we are creating.“ We love to work together and also share a love for being at the ocean, diving into meditation, taking pictures, playing with words and creating hand printed editions.

Photographer Hetty Zantman

Hi again!

This is Hetty. She recently joined our team from Cape Town. Surprises us with unseen beauty in her pictures and is amazing to work with.

Our focus is on books, magazines, stationery, brand identities, websites and blogs.

How we work

1. Understanding

We ask the right questions. Let’s start by looking at your project from every angle and develop a clear vision of the outcome together. As consultants we support you in every aspect of your project.

2. We Say Yes

We make it happen. A unique visual language and typography will give your project an individual style. We pay attention to every detail, take care of a perfect online presence or a precise print production. For best results we work with a small likeminded team of experienced photographers, illustrators, copywriters, programmers and printers.

3. It works

Enjoy being visible and connected. Share your values with your clients. Surprise your clients and friends with a successful design showing your identity. Love to be you.

Selected References

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Say hello

We’d love to hear from you.

Rike Michaelsen
graphic design, text
+ 49.173.6965580 rike@sosplendid.de

Andrea Mönch
graphic design, illustration
+ 49.176.24125956 andrea@sosplendid.de

Hetty Zantman
photography, text
+ 31.625.533079 hetty@hettyzantman.com