we are a creative agency. we founded so splendid because we are totally intrigued by telling a meaningful story in beauty and style. for this mission we run every marathon and happily go beyond the gravitational field for you. lets unleash your full potential and go on a journey together called the best version of you.

the team +++ rike michaelsen, founder, design, copywriting, storytelling andrea mönch, founder, design, illustration, animation +++ hetty zantman, photography, video, storytelling peter hanner, creative coding, animation lorenza stahl, motion design, film editing christopher vodicka, motion design, video

the escapist. zeeland, photoshoot, a huge task ahead of us: the team looking splendid in front of a blue backdrop. facing the challenge, strong winds set in. familiar with the speed that a non-propelled object takes to escape from the gravitational influence of a planet, we accelerated ourselves to the first cosmic velocity. one small step for mankind, but one giant leap for so splendid. facts and figures: +++ about 30 billion us dollars was the budget for the entire program +++ 4 dehydrated cheese sandwiches were taken on the mission +++ 528 million people watched the moon landing on tv +++

selected references. unfolding space, qi now, isar estate, laura laine, hetty zantman, julia amann flower crew, bmw group, caroline rossa, deltacap, dr. marianne brück, papa & paul, heartfulness, hochschule münchen university of applied sciences, iniuva, sce strascheg center of entrepreneurship, yoko omomi