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Typographical Flowers

Postcards for Julia Amann Flower Crew

Room To Be Who You Are

Cover Styles for Isar Estate

Hey Sugar

Take a walk on the wild side with our photographer Hetty Zantman

Summer Surprise about to happen. Bloom Boom. We can’t wait. Julia, Flower Director – Hetty, Still Photographer – Andrea, Visual Effects – Rike,  Screenplay Writer

Lightly my Darling

Postcards for Julia Amann Flower Crew

Papa & Paul

CI and Website for Papa & Paul / Financial Coach

Cape Town as a State of Heart

Book by so.splendid. & Hetty Zantman

Cape Town as a State of Heart

Pop-up Exhibition 10.10.2019

Laura Laine

Business cards for Laura Laine / Illustrator

Laura Laine

Compliment cards for Laura Laine / Illustrator

Subtle Bodies

Invitation Laura Laine Exhibition Spacio Nobile

Isar Estate

CI  for Isar Estate / Realty

Make a Move

Brochure for Isar Estate

Splendid Times

Clock by so.splendid.

The Yellow Album

Side 1   Ain’t no Yellow when She’s Gone / All I want is Yellow / Imagine all the Yellow / Yellow Haze / Yellow on my Mind / Stairway to Yellow
Side 2  I can’t get no Yellow / Light my Yellow / Crazy in Yellow / You’re the Yellow that I want / Yellow Dreamin’ / Bye Bye Yellow / I will always Love Yellow

Daily Dose

Postcards for Heartfulness Institute

Refresh Your Journey

Image booklet by so.splendid.

We are so.splendid. a heart based design team supporting you in elevating your brand. Our approach is personal and unconventional. Be open to transformative inspiration.

Analogue Messages

Postcards for Heather Frank / Architect

Upgrade on Consciousness

Magazine for Heartfulness Insitute

Matcha Bomb

Photography by ©Rike Michaelsen

Yoko Omomi

Logo for Yoko Omomi

Sumi-e Cats

Book for Yoko Schmidt / Artist

Sumi-e Cats

Leaflet for Yoko Schmidt / Artist


Logo by so.splendid.

so.splendid notes

Notebook by so.splendid.

Modern Spirits

Book for BMW Group


Book drafts for SRCM


Book drafts for SRCM

Workspace Woodstock / Cape Town

Harbour view, ocean view, sky view. Woodstock was waking to a gentle dawn. We were sitting on the rooftop at Hetty’s house reflecting on our inspiring time together in Cape Town. It may have been the sound of the harbour or perhaps another rhythm in the city which made the story unfold in our hearts and we named it “Cape Town as a State of Heart” – the title of our first book.


Cover drafts for Heartfulness Magazine

Once upon a Weekend

Gone swimming ©Hetty Zantman

How to Use a Yellow Raincoat?

You can use it to be protected from rain or to travel with cosmic velocity. With the latter you have 3 options, starting from rocket speed and going to interstellar traveling: 

1. orbital velocity to orbit around the planet.
2. escape velocity to escape from the gravitational field of the planet.
3. escape velocity to escape from the gravitational field of the solar system. 

Good bye and safe travels!

Collaboration with Henry Ottmann

Booklet for Henry Ottmann / Illustrator

Way of Love

Book for SRCM

Big in Japan

Art Prints by ©Andrea Mönch


Magazine for Sahaj Marg

The Escapist

Zeeland, photoshoot, a huge task ahead of us: the team looking splendid in front of a blue backdrop. Facing the challenge, strong winds set in. Familiar with the speed that a non-propelled object takes to escape from the gravitational influence of a planet, which our backdrop was about to do, we accelerated ourselves to the first cosmic velocity.

One small step for mankind, but one giant leap for so.splendid.

Facts and figures: +++ about 30 billion US dollars was the budget for the entire program +++ 4 dehydrated cheese sandwiches were taken on the mission +++ 528 million people watched the moon landing on TV +++

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