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summer surprise about to happen. bloom boom. we can’t wait. julia amann, flower director – hetty zantman, still photographer – andrea mönch, motion designer – rike michaelsen, screenplay writer

harbour view, ocean view, sky view. woodstock was waking to a gentle dawn. we were sitting on the rooftop at hetty’s house reflecting on our inspiring time together in cape town. it may have been the sound of the harbour or perhaps another rhythm in the city which made the story unfold in our hearts and we named it cape town as a state of heart – the title of our first book.

cape town as a state of heart. an art book and a pop-up exhibition. a collaboration between rike michaelsen, artist, andrea mönch, graphic designer and hetty zantman, photographer. journey to a city embraced by two oceans still waiting for the human embrace. expect mixed realities and spontaneous delight. 

the yellow album. ain’t no yellow when she’s gone / all i want is yellow / imagine all the yellow / yellow haze / yellow on my mind / stairway to yellow/ i can’t get no yellow / light my yellow / crazy in yellow / you’re the yellow that i want / yellow dreamin’ / bye bye yellow / i will always love yellow